the courage of red lipstick


I slept in a little later than I planned to,

and woke up and ate chocolate cereal for breakfast because it is something I like.

I cleaned my room and put fresh sheets on my bed,

and read a lovely little blog post written by a dear friend.

I put on real clothes

and red lipstick

and looked at the words I’ve chosen to speak over myself this year.

happiness is courage

And I take a note from the First Lady to “do the thing you think you cannot do”

and I sit down to write this blog post.

I think about how courage means so many different things–not in the lexical sense, but the practical–and I think of ways I have seen courage in my life.

Courage is following a dream, even when it doesn’t make a lot of sense right now,

It is showing up and being present when I’d rather be alone.

Courage is admitting I need help and humbling myself to learn,

It is staying focused and working hard, even when I’d rather quit.

Courage is slowing down to cherish my life in the today

and It is trying something,

even when I’m not sure I’ll succeed,

even when I’m not sure I can even finish.

Courage is not so much the ability to do something that is frightening as much as it is the will to do something that is frightening. Courage is the will to triumph, the desire to continue, the strength to enjoy + cherish + live.

courage rising

And it’s not easy, but I have a sneaking suspicion it is worth it.

One day I’m going to look back and miss this–I don’t want to miss it now, too.


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the courage of red lipstick

oneword :: 2015


4 thoughts on “the courage of red lipstick

  1. Many thanks, dear.

    I would not have thought to word it so, but yes. Red lipstick is courage, and it is a courage I haven’t.

    You are beautiful when you are brave, Sarah.

  2. I myself have never been brave enough to wear red lipstick…it does take courage and an assurance about yourself. I dont have enough of either. I’m happy for you that you do.

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