Exhibit B


Exhibit A

Hi there, I’m Sarah.

This is my blog. I’m a wanna-be-but-very-impatient writer and an English Literature, Creative Writing, Horticultural Science train-wreck-of-a-degree-plan student, and sometimes I start sentences with a hanging pronoun.

I read a lot of books and occasionally remember to stop between chapters and wash my hair. When I do this, I have good hair days. (See exhibit A and B.)



Most days, though, I just look like this:


(Also, this is my man, Joey D. He’s pretty great.)

I used to have a list of the things I liked here, but recently it felt confining. Like I was curating myself… and I’m not a museum. I’m a person.

And maybe that sums up my story pretty well.

(But if I had to characterize myself, I’d do it with Anne Shirley, Amy Pond, and Pam Beasley.)

Thanks for stopping by. We have fun here, in our own little way.



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