currently // june 2015

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currently, I am


Once Upon A Time. I know I’m a little late to the party, but over this semester I caught up through the current season (holla to UK Netflix for helping a girl out!). While it’s not my usual BBC period drama cup of tea, I really do like the creativity involved in rewriting familiar fairy tale characters into complex people. Regina is my girl and I ship Emma + Hook SO HARD.


Searching for Sunday by Rachel Held Evans. This one will get a review once I finish it. It is the most hopeful book I have read in a while, and also just a beautiful read. I’m only about halfway through but 5 stars so far. I also read a lot of great books in my Multi-Ethnic American Literature class this spring: Native Son, Ceremony, Native Speakerand The Namesake. I might do a recap post on that class sometime. I learned so much…more than I have in any other class before. (note: the books I read in MEA Lit are pretty heavy books. I would not recommend them for anyone younger than a senior in high school)


to s t r e t c h. There’s an adult ballet class I want to take this fall and I need to be way more flexible than I am right now if I want to actually be able to do anything. I’m using my oneword for the year and pursuing a dream. Brava, right?


#libaiab >>> life is big and I am brave. Things are always scarier in my head than they are in real life, so I made a new hashtag. Full story on my instagram here.


how to live at home again after I lived on my own for eight months. It’s an interesting adjustment for both me and my family. On the one hand, it’s hard to be an adult here in my hometown, but one the other hand, it’s good to be home and not have to be an adult all the time. The eternal paradox of life manifests itself yet again.

looking forward::

to summer break! This past semester was my hardest ever as I transitioned into upper-level classes. I made it through but I am ready for a break. I hope to spend a lot of time reading + writing + lying in the sun this summer. Lots of rest before I start next semester at a new school…again. (#libaiab)

what is happening in your life, currently?


3 thoughts on “currently // june 2015

  1. Currently?

    Life is hard and achy and much to beautiful for my exploding heart. I drown in the goodness of God and it hurts like fire and heals like rain.

    Somebody told me I am radiant, lately. God is radiant and I’m lost in his perfect plan.

    So glad you have summer break, love. I did school all last summer so I’m sorta on break too. Glorious reading and writing, yes?

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