Our world exists in patterns.

Seasons echo each other. Summer fades to autumn, autumn to winter, winter to spring, spring to summer, and over again once more.


DNA wraps endlessly back and forth, in and out again, building on itself: neucleotides repeated in endless combinations but always from the same four.

Our very life is a cycle. We begin, we live, we die. Our first breath flows into our last.

The world spins constantly, we move around the sun once and then again, and again, and again. Things are always changing, but they always stay the same.


This paradox continues to slam into me head on. My fall semester begins as the past two have: starting school on a new campus, living in a new place, surrounding myself with new people and learning new ideas. Everything is new and everything is the same.

New campus, same classrooms that are below freezing.

New place, same “I’m moving!” logistical nightmare.

New people, same awkward introductions.

New ideas, same effort it takes to learn them.

Life loops back on itself. Things are different but not unfamiliar.

So, here I am. Life changes, I adjust, and everything stays the same. I try to welcome the mystery with open hands + full heart because we’re all a little disoriented and we’re all a little at home.


3 thoughts on “patterns

  1. Amazing insight. It appears Solomon knew what he was talking about so many years ago, …” There is nothing new under the sun”… Ecclesiastes 1:9-10. Dad

  2. Things hurt and life is great – just the same only in different ways and you can’t help but wonder why you expected it would be different here. And then it is – strange and new and unfamiliar – the things you’ve become so used to. Because it stays the same.

    A healthy reminder, I think, dear. And a beautiful one, too. Does not friendship spring up when two people can say “You, too?”

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