poems :: no. 1 [neither here nor there]


Can you help the hurting?
The longing?
The yearning, aching, pining, craving, mourning?

When home is neither here
nor there,
when I miss both you
and them,
when the staying hurts
as much as the leaving?

Can you help?

Maybe if you hold my hand
while I hold yours.
Maybe if you wrap your arms around me
and turn my face to the starlight.

Maybe if you whisper in my ear that
you’ve found the secret:
“The hurting never stops,
it’s what makes us human.
we can
and doesn’t that make it worth it?”

But maybe I’ve found the answer
(on my own
because maybe you can’t help).

Maybe the answer is this:
The hurting never goes away,
because love is the salve
but also the wound.



4 thoughts on “poems :: no. 1 [neither here nor there]

  1. Love is the salve
    But also the wound.

    I sometimes think it is not fair to comment – in words – when the thing has left you speechless. But I can tell you I am speechless, and a little sad, all together, because then you will at least know.

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