currently // aug 2014

currently, I am



these guys, kings of convenience. they have an awesome sound to match their awesome hair, plus they’re Norwegian. I have them on repeat these days. 




an old favorite and comfort book for my soul, Anne of the Islandnavigating college is so much easier with my dear friend by my side. 


to find time to work on my novel. I’m scared of it, I think. it’s hard as a writer to push through the smog of getting ideas from your head onto (literal or digital) paper and not discourage yourself in the process. even Anne Lamont admits it; good writing starts off as bad writing. the amount of work it takes to make your ideas be as nice for other people as they are for you in your head is staggering. it is hard work to create and create well, but it is something I can’t not do. it’s that tension between the have-to and want-to but can’t-just-yet that makes it easy to put it off for yet another day. 


that this place where I now live is so beautiful. I think it is its beauty that is allowing my heart to put out tiny little soul-roots. I can’t wait until I am actually settled.

campus life curently aug 2014


that it is for freedom Christ has set us free. can’t get enough of Galatians 5. freedom


looking forward::

to fall. the last golden days of summer have finally come with bonfires and picnics and last-hurrahs before school. I love them dearly, but I am so ready for fall and the quiet it brings.

bonfire currently aug 2014

what is happening in your life, currently?



4 thoughts on “currently // aug 2014

  1. Trying something you’re afraid of? Oh I know this. There is a terrible, stimulating balance between the knowledge that with more confidence, you really could do something, and the fear that you can’t and won’t and will be roundly abused for failing.

    Keep trying. Life is waiting on the outside of the comfort zone.


    • “the knowledge that with more confidence, you could really do something, and the fear that you can’t and won’t…”

      YES. I couldn’t have said it any better. Thanks for the encouragement, Gianna (:

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